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At Loumarc Signs we ensure that every sign is free from defects in quality, construction, and installation for three years. It's a reflection of our unwavering commitment to your brand's success.

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Experience the elevated visibility you earned. Whether you decide to visit our Hillsborough, NJ office, give us a call at (908) 575-4000, or write us below, we're excited to assist you.

As your preferred NJ sign company, we pride ourselves on providing a range of premium sign solutions - from channel letters and acrylic signs to captivating cut metal letter signs.


  • Mosaic Animal Health Center - New Jersey Carved sign by Loumarc Signs

    Carved Signs

    Searching for a reliable NJ sign company to tailor-make a signature piece for your enterprise? Look no further, for the seasoned professionals at Loumarc Signs stand ready to assist.

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  • Teri finishing a banner for Foley — New Jersey customer banner sign company

    Large Format Banner Printing

    Whether through the classic method of cut vinyl or the cutting-edge full-color digital process, Loumarc Signs can craft a banner that not only garners attention but also drives profitability for your next sale or promotion.

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  • Naturally Beautiful - New Jersey Special Project sign by Loumarc Signs

    Special Projects

    At Loumarc Signs, we don't merely follow the norm; we revel in the extraordinary. If your project doesn't fit the conventional mold, we're precisely the team you need.

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  • Loumarc Signs New Jersey Sign Company

    Outdoor Business Awnings

    Loumarc Signs sets the benchmark for outdoor commercial awnings, employing superior techniques such as aluminum frames with stapled-in fabric, further enhanced by a polymer strip for an exquisite look.

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  • IHOP - New Jersey Lighted Exterior Sign by Loumarc Signs

    Lighted Exterior Signs

    When your business requires a bespoke lighted exterior solution, you can trust the experts at Loumarc Signs. We offer a range of illuminated exterior signs that can be either backlit or front-lit, encompassing options from channel letters to box signs, illuminated with neon, LEDs, or fluorescent lamps.

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  • Amazon - New Jersey Channel Letters by Loumarc Signs

    Channel Letters Signs

    Choosing lighted channel letter signs for your NJ business involves many considerations. Reverse illuminated or lighted acrylic face? LED or neon illumination? Raceway or wall-mounted? These myriad options might seem overwhelming, but with Loumarc Signs, you have experts to navigate these questions and more.

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  • Post and panel sign for Amherst Mews

    Post and Panel Signs

    Our mastery lies in creating custom business signs that encapsulate the true essence of your brand. Our custom post and panel signs, sleek, modern, and professional, can be crafted from a variety of materials, in any color and size to perfectly match your vision.

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  • Loumarc Signs New Jersey Sign Company

    Sandblasted Signs

    Look no further than Loumarc Signs for your custom sandblasted signs in NJ. Crafting such signs involves numerous material choices and we understand that selecting the most suitable one is half the challenge.

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  • Acrylic sign for Ambitech

    Acrylic Signs

    Our cut acrylic signs are versatile for both indoor and outdoor use, available in a range of thicknesses starting from 1/8", and can be painted to match your brand's aesthetic.

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  • Ridge View - New Jersey Monument Pylon by Loumarc Signs

    Monument Pylon Signs

    Ground mounted and pylon signs, typically larger in size, serve as an excellent medium to showcase your brand image to the public. The design and construction possibilities for these signs are virtually limitless, making them a standout choice for businesses in NJ.

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  • Loumarc Signs New Jersey Sign Company

    Cut Metal Letter Signs

    Discover the power of a professionally crafted metal letter sign from Loumarc Signs. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use, our custom cut signs are made from quality materials such as aluminum, brass, or bronze, with a range of finishes like brushed, painted, or polished.

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  • Loumarc Signs New Jersey Sign Company

    Internally Illuminated Signs

    When your NJ business seeks a custom sign, Loumarc Signs is the ideal choice for internally illuminated signs that make your brand unmistakable. Our illuminated signs can be tailored with simple acrylic faces, routed metal faces, or even push-through acrylic for a more sophisticated appearance.

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