5 Benefits of Digital Signs in a Hospital

As a hospital owner or administrator, you constantly seek ways to improve patient experience, streamline operations, and create a more welcoming environment. Hospital digital signage offers a powerful solution that addresses these needs and more.

1. Guide guests to their destinations

Hospitals can be overwhelming and intimidating to navigate, especially for patients trying to get to appointments on time. Digital wayfinding signage with touchscreen capabilities offers a solution to this problem. By providing visitors with customized directions to their desired destinations, self-service wayfinding signage frees hospital staff from directing traffic. These displays can be updated instantly with real-time information and when paired with directional signage outside provide easy access to handicapped parking exits and entrances. Additionally, self-service kiosks in lobbies or waiting rooms allow patients to easily check into appointments and find healthcare providers' offices.

2. Deliver personalized patient care

Patient education and engagement are top priorities for hospitals. By improving patient-centered care and shared decision-making, hospitals can enhance the patient experience and reduce readmissions. Digital signage can replace traditional paper bulletins and dry-erase boards, allowing for easier personalization and updates of patient information. Rooms equipped with tablets and TVs create a more comfortable environment for patients to access relevant educational videos and information about their scheduled procedures. By integrating electronic health records (EHRs) with Interactive Patient Care (IPC) solutions, hospitals can give patients on-demand access to their test results, treatment plans, and other medical data.

3. Decrease anxiety in the waiting

Waiting rooms can be stressful for patients and their loved ones. Digital signage can help alleviate anxiety by displaying expected wait times and providing engaging and educational content. In surgical waiting rooms, digital signage can be used to provide location and status updates to family members using assigned numbers for patient privacy and tracking. Waiting room signage can also provide local information about nearby restaurants, news, traffic, and weather, keeping visitors informed and distracted.

4. Communicate with visitors in real-time

Hospitals need to effectively communicate important information to patients and visitors, such as safety announcements, recommendations, hospital services, and events. Traditional methods like fliers and bulletin boards tend to be messy and ineffective, with information quickly becoming outdated and announcements going unnoticed. Digital signage solutions offer hospitals a more strategic approach to information sharing. Digital updates are easy to make, and in emergencies, administrators can push real-time safety alerts. Furthermore, digital displays in lobbies can showcase doctor profiles, patient stories, and testimonials, instilling confidence in the facility. In hospital cafeterias, digital signage enables fast and easy menu updates, eliminating the need for chalkboards or paper fliers.

5. Real-time information among hospital staff

Digital signage can improve communication among doctors and nurses, allowing for quick sharing of critical patient information without the need for paper charts or bulky folders. Patient information screens positioned outside patient rooms can display important health warnings, such as allergies or fall risks while maintaining HIPAA compliance. Widescreen monitors at nurses' stations can provide information about staff schedules, language preferences, and digital access to patient records. Collaboration hubs equipped with digital patient records at nurses' stations enhance efficiency and facilitate seamless care coordination.

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