Overcoming Signage Woes: A Guide to Tackling Common Challenges When It’s Time for a Custom Sign

As an entrepreneur or small business owner in New Jersey, you’re busy paving a pathway to success for yourself and your team. Thus, managing the journey of purchasing a custom sign can be a challenging task. It matters to you that your business stands out in a crowded market, so it’s essential to have a sign that accurately represents your brand and captures the attention of your target audience. For nearly thirty years, Loumarc Signs has offered thorough, environmentally conscious, quality signage solutions to ambitious and highly detailed entrepreneurs.

We know what challenges business owners face when it comes to signage; we’ve seen it all! And we want to arm you with the same mindful advice we give our clients to avoid these potential challenges.

Turnaround Time

One of the most significant challenges we see customers face is turnaround time. Find a company that takes the time to really listen to their customers and understand their needs. You should communicate important time-sensitive dates that need to be taken into consideration, such as upcoming events, expansion timelines, or moving dates to a new location. True experts will work with you to develop a timeline that suits your needs and ensures that your signs are installed before your event or move-in date. Your goals should become a top priority. This kind of attention to detail and commitment to meeting customers' deadlines is what sets professionals apart from other sign companies.


Permitting is a complicated and time-consuming process that can delay your sign installation if not in the hands of experts. Interview sign companies to ensure they thoroughly understand local permit requirements and regulations. They should collaborate with you in navigating the permit process, ensuring compliance with your signs, while also avoiding any pesky fines or delays.


Not every sign company understands that signage and cohesive branding is a top priority for you. Find a team that can work with you to discover solutions that match your branding needs and fit your budget perfectly. In some cases, you may not be sure what budget is appropriate to set aside, a professional sign company will have samples and case studies available to help you understand the cost of your vision.

If your main concern is visibility, talk through materials and lighting options to ensure your investment increases your company’s visibility. Choose the company that can offer you a range of sign options to fit whatever your budget and goals are. Expect a collaborative experience in determining the most cost-effective solution for your business without sacrificing quality or effectiveness.

Township Regulations

Township regulations can limit the size or quantity of signs that businesses can have. Ask questions about the kind of experience a sign company has working with local townships and municipalities. They must work with you to determine the specific regulations and limitations in your area and develop a sign solution that complies with all local regulations.

Landlord Restrictions

Landlord restrictions can also limit the type and size of signs that businesses can have. See if they understand the importance of following the guidelines set forth by landlords while still creating effective signage for your business. Expect that a team of experts will guide you in developing a sign solution that meets your landlord's requirements while still accurately representing your brand. At the end of the day, you should feel proud of your custom sign, as it will illuminate the path forward.


Successful business owners are concerned about losing business if their signs are not visible from the road. Visibility is essential in creating effective signage for your business. Locate a custom sign company that specializes in creating highly visible signage that captures the attention of the target audience. They will work with customers to determine the sign's best placement, size, and lighting to ensure maximum visibility.

Design Limitations

Outdated and unattractive signage can hurt your business's image and reduce its effectiveness. These are some key qualities to look for to help you avoid unfortunate design limitations:


Sadly, negative experiences with sign companies due to a lack of responsiveness and attentiveness are common. You value feeling understood, receiving hands-on guidance, and true craftsmanship. Your ideal sign company will pride itself on its commitment to understanding you, your preferences, and your passions. It’s acceptable to request tailored concierge services curtailed to your specific needs. Expect to experience genuine interest, authenticity, and availability from every member of the team.


If your project requires something that goes beyond your township's regulations, your sign partners will guide you through the lengthy and sometimes complex variance process. With the right experience, the advice they give you will help you save time, money, and energy on change requests.

The Way We Do Business

At Loumarc Signs, we believe that no two customers have the same needs. We take the time to understand our customer’s unique goals, and challenges, and work closely to develop a signage solution. We advocate for our customers and build long-lasting partnerships.

Are you a savvy business owner looking to enhance your brand's visibility and make a lasting impression on your customers? Our team of sign experts understands the value of your time and is always happy to come to your place of business to discuss your project. Contact us today at 908-575-4000 to take the first step towards boosting your brand's recognition with our comprehensive signage solutions.

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