Inclusion in the Workplace Starts with Signage

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion blocks

At Loumarc Signs, we recognize that every business uses signs, whether online, in-store, or in the lobby. Inclusion begins with these signs. We strive to create a welcoming and safe environment for everyone and realize how important this is for our clients as well. Let's explore how you can foster an inclusive workspace via signage.

ADA Compliance Signs

ADA, short for "The Americans with Disabilities Act" established in 1990, guarantees equal opportunities for those with disabilities. ADA-compliant signs uphold rules making them accessible to all. As we design your signs, we consider:

We can integrate these ADA elements in various sign types like illuminated signs, LED signs, acrylic signs, plaques, etc. If making everyone comfortable is your company's mission, start by making your facilities as accessible as possible, beginning with your signage.

Promoting Gender Inclusivity


Gender-neutral wording and symbols in restroom signs can foster a safer environment for all who work or visit your facilities. To adopt such signage, first ensure your leadership comprehends the necessity of this change. Use gender-affirming language like:


Educate your staff about this change's importance and maintain open communication. Work with us at Loumarc Signs to handle the design process, leaving you with an inclusive workspace and signs that resonate with your company's mission.

Remember, inclusivity means catering to diverse needs. The more we accommodate, the more inclusive our workspace becomes. At Loumarc Signs, we're proud to offer a range of products and services meeting almost any requirement.

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