Loumarc Signs Unveils New Bucket Truck: A Commitment to Professionalism, Sustainability, and Innovation

Loumarc Signs' brand new bucket truck represents our unwavering commitment to professionalism, sustainability, and innovation. As a leader in the custom sign industry, we understand that providing exceptional service goes beyond just delivering a quality sign.

Our truck is designed specifically for sign installations, making the installation process more streamlined. Rather than requiring several installers to be on site, the truck allows us to have fewer hands on deck for certain jobs. That means great news for you! We can offer you more competitive pricing for your next big project.

Practicing What We Preach

Our updated brand image and logo help us show up as professionals and embody the principles we advise our clients to follow. When we upgrade our fleet, we are sure to take an impactful, less-is-more approach. Our new design is modern, timeless, and most importantly, easily recognizable.


We’ve opted for a sleek and impactful vehicle wrap that allows our customers to see us from far away and not be confused by a myriad of crammed-in letters and imagery.

The new truck maintains our commitment to innovation by incorporating modern technologies like a QR code. The QR code represents the importance of meeting customers at their level of convenience and with efficiency in mind. People can scan our QR code with their phone to find additional information right on our mobile-optimized website.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Plus, our new fuel-efficient truck is a testament to our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.

The vehicle runs on gasoline and the lift is completely electric, which means less fuel is being used and fewer CO emissions are being released into the environment. On the lift it reads “all electric lift for a cleaner world”. In the past, similar trucks ran on diesel and, as a result, the engine needed to run continuously when the lift was up - leading to more fuel consumption.

Bringing Visibility to Your Goals

At Loumarc Signs, we believe that impactful branding is more than just a by-product of design - it's a deliberate and thoughtful approach we take to improve your impact on your audience and the environment altogether. Using our expertise, we determine the right materials and positioning to maximize the readability of your message. We design effective layouts that avoid overcomplicating branding or wasting space.

Whether it's designing custom signs for the exterior of your building or crafting unique interior lobby signs, your business can rely on our brand to inspire and be an intentional role model for your future designs. Give us a call today to see how we can help maximize your brand's potential and bring visibility to your goals 908-575-4000.

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