Ten Important Questions to ask Before Selecting a Sign Company

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A sign often serves as the initial touchpoint for your prospective customers - an initial impression. To maximize the potential return from your sign investment, it is wise to engage with a sign company that brings a wealth of experience and can help guide your project.

We believe in the power of informed decisions. Selecting a sign company shouldn't be taken lightly, as the right choice can save you from potentially costly missteps. The following inquiries are designed to be a valuable compass in your search. Remember, when making these pivotal decisions, your chosen custom sign company should be an experienced advisor, ensuring your brand's first impression is always a powerful one.

  1. Does the sign company provide a comprehensive range of products and services to fulfill all my signage project needs?

    This may seem straightforward, yet it's crucial to recognize that not all sign companies extend the same range of products and services. Consider partnering with a sign company that provides a comprehensive selection of offerings. From the spark of the initial concept to the grandeur of the final installation, an ideal sign company is with you at every juncture, acting as a knowledgeable guide throughout the journey.

  2. Does the sign company thoroughly explain the various options available that cater to my signage needs?

    Often, there are a plethora of choices in terms of design, style, and material that can meet your requirements. An ideal sign company possesses an experienced team, eager to enlighten you about the broad range of alternatives available for your project, thereby aiding your decision-making with the wisdom of their expertise.

  3. With a busy schedule, do I need to visit the sign company's store or office?

    We understand that time is an invaluable asset. Ideally, a sign company should appreciate this as well, offering services that meet you where you are. Seek out a sign company that is eager to come to your place of business, saving you precious time, and demonstrating their commitment to customer convenience as they discuss your project.

  4. Is it necessary for me to provide a design to the sign company?

    Often, sign purchasers are not necessarily designers or artists. Should a sign company necessitate a design from your end, you may need to employ an external party for its creation. The optimal sign company typically offers an all-inclusive design service, curated by their own skilled staff. However, they should also be flexible and receptive to utilizing a design that you might wish to provide.

  5. Does the sign company consider and guide me on the multitude
    of factors that could influence the efficacy of my sign?

    While signs may serve various purposes – from projecting an image to enhancing a landscape – their primary role is typically to convey a message. A multitude of factors can influence this function. Seek a sign company that takes into consideration elements such as visibility (color, contrast, size), the speed of passing traffic, the distance from the road, and more when crafting your sign design. Furthermore, if you are providing the design, they should have the expertise to advise you on how such factors may impact your sign's functionality.

  6. Does the sign company guarantee my sign's compliance with local regulations?

    Each municipality has distinct regulations regarding signage within its jurisdiction, encompassing aspects like size, style, lighting, and positioning in relation to roadways, sidewalks, and public spaces. Non-compliance can lead to penalties, even necessitating sign removal in some instances. Your chosen sign company should conduct diligent research into your local municipality’s regulations, ensuring your sign project satisfies all relevant stipulations.

  7. Am I responsible for acquiring sign permits?

    Almost all permanent signs and numerous temporary ones require permits issued by local authorities. Sometimes, this process may include submitting site surveys or engineer's drawings. Certain signs even require inspection certificates. This can be a complex and time-consuming task. A reliable sign company should handle all permit-related work for you - from coordinating site surveys to securing certifications and managing everything in between. This frees you from administrative hassles and allows you to utilize your time more productively.

  8. Does the sign company prioritize suitable materials for my project, or do they compromise quality to reduce costs?

    Substandard materials or shoddy craftsmanship rarely equate to savings. Reputable sign companies base their solutions on materials that satisfy or surpass your needs in terms of aesthetics, resilience, longevity, color retention, and more. They should also provide skilled design, fabrication, and installation teams as necessary. They shouldn't compromise on the quality to lower the costs.

  9. Does the sign company provide a guarantee?

    While several sign companies may claim longevity for your sign, only a handful might offer written assurance. It's essential for a sign company to uphold the quality of the signs they design, construct, and install. Look for a sign company that extends a written guarantee of three years.

  10. Does the sign company assure customer satisfaction?

    Investing in a new sign involves significant expenditure, and it's vital to ensure you receive a product of the highest quality, both in materials and installation. A reliable sign company should confidently guarantee your complete satisfaction with the sign they create and install for you.

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